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Once your networks are updated and secured by HighPoint-IT, we will continue the job with our monitoring program. Our monitoring includes anti-virus protection, disaster recovery options, encryption, problem remediation, software updates, connectivity alignment and security status monitoring. You can rest easy knowing your data will be safe and secure with HighPoint-IT’s system monitoring.


HighPoint-IT will monitor all of your backups and will receive daily notifications regarding your computer backups. As our client, you are assured that with our backup solution, your data is safe, retrievable, and monitored by our staff. For more information about backups, click here.

Anti-Virus Protection

  • Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS)
    Monitors entry points into the system and specific system activities and blocks suspected intrusion attempts.
  • Advanced Memory Scanner
    Improves detection of APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) which use multiple layers of encryption to conceal their activity.
  • Email Scanning
    If you use Microsoft outlook or windows live mail, ESET can scan incoming and outgoing mail for infected attachments.
  • Email Alerting ESET
    Anti-Virus can send an email either to our technicians here at HighPoint-IT or an email of your choice to alert that it has found an infected object or an infected website.

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693 W Canfield Ave.
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
Phone: 208.209.6170
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693 W Canfield Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
Phone: 208.209.6170 | Fax: 208-209-6169
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