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If you need help with your computer networking, you’re not alone. Configuring routers, network adapters, printers, and all of the other technology related devices can be frustrating and overwhelming. Highpoint-IT will work on your computer networking issues and streamline your business so you don’t have to. Highpoint-IT offers services that include wired and/or wireless computer networking…from router setup to encryption and remote access.

HighPoint-IT is available to assist with wireless networking and troubleshooting if you’re having Internet connectivity problems. Highpoint-IT knows how profoundly your business is affected when your network is down, which is why we solve your small business computer networking problems as quickly as possible. The entire team at HighPoint-IT is the IT support you need to work efficiently and effectively.


HighPoint-IT Team Delivers Expertise In The Following Areas:  

  • Comprehensive data center experience
  • Custom Solutions
  • End to end application support - we can provide support for applications, and programs, Ie. Electronic Health Record (EHR Software), SQL Databases, Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware software, Backup software…
  • IT Consulting - HighPoint-IT provides consulting services, and top level IT support for small to medium businesses. Our focus is on creating lasting relationships with our clients through flexible policies, superior service, competitive rates and a full staff of expert technicians.
  • Cloud/Web based solutions, & Virtualization - With our cloud services we can host a server in a secure environment (Datacenter) and maintain that server. You will always have the option of adding more CPU, Memory, and hard drive space. •
  • Networking – From running wires, cable management, router setup, or trouble shooting network issues-we can help.
  • Security - From firewalls to anti-virus to security cameras, we keep you safe and secure.
  • Website Design - HighPoint-IT offers website design through our local partners. We have talented, Coeur d’Alene based, website designers that have worked with HighPoint-IT for over 6 years. Exceptional relationships with the best talent available is why HighPoint-IT has achieved long term success. Call us to schedule your free website consultation.  

HighPoint-IT Cloud Back-Up. 

Storing data locally leaves it at-risk to threats like fire, theft, and natural disaster. Keep a copy of your critical business data off-site in HighPoint-IT’s secure cloud. Highpoint- IT in Coeur d’Alene offers automated and encrypted cloud backup in extremely secure data centers, ensuring that if anything happens to your office or place of business, your files are still safe. We can design and install a backup scheme that fits your needs and budget.

  • Automated backup with flexible scheduling
  • Two layers of encryption for maximum security
  • Fast and flexible recovery to get you back on your feet
  • Military-grade 256-bit data encryption
  • Secure access controls at redundant data centers
  • Compliant with major industry and federal regulations
  • Problem remediation

Our software have several plugins to support:

  • SQL Backups
  • Exchange Backups
  • VMware Backups
  • Hyper-V Backups
  • Files and Folders Backups

Services May Include Onsite or
Remote Support For:  

  • Virus prevention, cleaning, removal
  • Spyware prevention, cleaning, removal
  • Complete monthly maintenance - HighPoint-IT will make sure all computers and servers are fully up to date with Microsoft updates, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java, and any other software that might need updating. Keeping your computer up to date with patches, and a good anti-virus will help your computer running smooth and infection free.

Computer Efficiency Maintenance and
File Clean-up.

Your computer can slow down after time and can prevent efficient workflow. We can provide:

  • Disk cleanup / disk defrag
  • Adware / spyware / virus protection removal
  • Temporary file cleanup
  • Microsoft Windows & Office / anti-virus updates
  • We make sure all computers and Servers are fully up to date with Microsoft updates, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java, and any other software that might need updating.
  • Remove malicious / unnecessary programs
  • Data Transfer Service
  • Data Backup Service
  • Data Recover
  • Reset passwords – We can reset a lost/forgotten password.
  • Hardware fixes – all hardware issue from dying hard drives, memory, motherboard etc..
  • All software fixes (error messages, slow computer, and erratic PC behavior)
  • Personal or business purchasing assistance (home computers, personal equipment, Servers, Firewalls)
  • Firewall changes or configuration - Firewalls is an essential part of network security. It controls inbound and outbound network traffic. We can help create private tunnels - which allows traffic to flow from point A to point B in a secure environment.

Evaluation and Network Design  

With proper planning and the right equipment, a wired/wireless network can empower your business with connectivity wherever you need it. Every situation is unique, and the team at HighPoint-IT will work with you to determine your exact needs and implement a strategy to deliver the highest value and convenience from your network.

  • New computer setup and configuration
  • Internet connection issues and recommendations
  • Miscellaneous software support
  • Hardware/software installation projects
  • Printer, fax, and scanner support
  • E-mail setup configuration and support
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